[I’ve been trying to find time to reimplement this website – it’ll happen! Stay tuned.]

My name is Amelia Beare, and I’m a PhD Candidate and tutor at Curtin University. My research involves culture, identity, the persistence of ‘human’ and the ‘non-human’ other, especially inside curated virtual worlds like computer games.

I’m not really a ‘gamer’, or a ‘player’, but I enjoy experiencing virtual worlds with constructed culture narratives. I want to know what makes these places and experience ‘human’, and as such I approach my research with anthropological/autoethnographical principles.

I don’t write much about this research in this blog, however!

Beyond my academic pursuits, I enjoy reading, writing, photographing, and walking my beautiful dog, Buddy.  I have two cats (Smudge and EC [EnormousCat]), and an aquarium that’s surviving despite my chronic neglect [nevermind].

I now live in Tasmania, Australia, but have fond memories of my travels and the years spent living in Sweden.

My website is not a focused web presence (as I teach through Curtin) but a personal mishmash and hodgepodge of things interesting to me. I’ll post about my crafts when I feel like knitting or crocheting, and I’ll post endless pictures of my cats and dog, sprinkled with opinions about this or that, and maybe share some videos I’ve enjoyed or even made.

Suffice to say, this is not a professional endeavour, but a great place to get to know me…

…provided I can be more consistent in my posts!

Please note: Nothing I share or say or do on this blog in any way reflects or represents Curtin University. This is a personal website in no way affiliated with Curtin University.