Amelia Beare

My Faux Pas

Something for my dad on Father’s Day. My Faux Pas. It’s easy to be a father, harder to be a dad. The first a slip with passion, The other a choice to have. A mother labours hard And invests all she has A father might not know it Until he becomes a dad. A father … more


I regularly tutor a university unit dedicated to informing students about identity online, including concepts like digital footprints and digital shadows. Much of the discussion involves public and private content, and how privacy may be a thing of the past, though opinions are usually divided on that front. In the few years I’ve been involved … more

Da’fuq!? o.O

Da'fuq!? o.O

My favourite pair of Meindl boots, bought in Sweden a lifetime ago have finally died… but only because quality retreador (if that’s what you call someone who retreads a shoe) are hard to find. A few months ago I took advantage of a sale at Mountain Designs and bought a sturdy pair of Gore-tex boots … more