Yay! You’re here! I’m so glad you’ve found my site.

I’m Amelia Beare (obviously) and this is where I hoard all my projects and interests. I’m an anxious creative with ADHD, a potty mouth, and very little time to do any of the things I really want to do. I always have lots of projects either on the boil or simmering on a back burner. This site is all about giving me somewhere to keep track of things as well as share the things. I have a dog, two cats, and a penchant for whisky (neat, tyvm). More about me here…

The original premise of this site was somewhere to blog or journal (sometimes both) what’s going on with me, my life, my interests, my disorders, and, of course, my animal companions. It was called ‘open thoughts’ because I have a habit of oversharing. Now, with everything else coming together, ‘open thoughts’ has become just one part of the site. Most of the posts – if not all of them – are publicly available. Some features like audio and commenting require an account, however – mostly because spammers suck.


After decades of ‘dabbling’, I’ve finally decided to take my writing seriously, so at least three of the major projects currently percolating involve serial fiction – see below.

Centuries after the Kin Slaying, magic is waning and artefacts of power are disappearing. Those with power fight to retain it and those without fight to claim it.

The dragons have withdrawn to their mountain peaks, seldom seen among the mortal peoples of the world. Mysterious phenomena known as glimmerings are appearing more frequently, and those touched by them are forever altered. 

(Spans several timelines in the history of Calabrea.)

Expanding into adjacent solar systems, humanity has discovered the remnants of an ancient civilisation, its people lost to time and its technology apparently free for the taking. But the cost soon becomes apparent as a new force stirs across the galaxy and a new enemy emerges. Will humanity learn from the distant past in time to ensure its future?

(A mix of Voltron: Legendary Defender and Pacific Rim, with flavours from Star Wars, Star Trek, AND Stargate. Should be fun, once I figure things out.)

A district attorney suffers heart failure in the midst of building a corruption case against key city officials. Against the odds, she gets the new heart she needs to save her life. But when strange things start happening to and around her, she’s forced to question the source of her good fortune.

A district enforcer returns home to find his family, his pack, and his lover dead. The tenuous pact preserving the peace between once warring factions is destroyed. Hunting for answers and for those responsible, he faces the beginnings of a strange new war as friends become foes and foes become monsters.

A dark fantasy romance.

Bearecraft is a section devoted to art and craft, primarily crochet but also clay and painting and knitting and weaving. If I decide to give something crafty a try, I write about it here.

My witchy/Wicca self sharing readings with cards and runes and reflecting on the nature of things. May take on readings for others as I gain confidence in the Craft.

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