My name is Amelia Beare, and I’m a tutor at Curtin University. But I don’t write about that very often.

What I do write about, rather often, is my dog. Buddy is an Alaskan Malamute, breed name Talakali’s You’ve Got A Friend. His sire is a Belgian import, and his mother is a ‘woolly’ named Spirit – given the still painful loss of my last dog (also Spirit), I’m so glad to have adopted a boy from her litter. Most of what happens in my life these days in some way involve Buddy, or my cats – Smudge and EC (Enormous Cat).

I also discuss the trials of living, researching, and working with an Anxiety Disorder. Though I have to acknowledge that there are potential problems with being candid about these things – online or otherwise – I feel a need to contribute to the normalisation of mental illness. Some of us live with it all our lives, and others struggle only periodically, or just the once. It helps me to talk about it, and I know it helps others to read about it, and not feel so alone.

Otherwise, the majority of my activity on this site involves sharing misc and sundry media I find interesting or amusing, or bombarding my feeds with photographs – probably of my dog. I’ll post about my crafts when I feel like knitting or crocheting, or add a ‘scribble’ to my Wattpad feed.

My website is not a focused web presence (as I occasionally teach through Curtin) but a personal mishmash and hodgepodge of things interesting to me.

Suffice to say, this is not a professional endeavour, but a great place to get to know me…
…provided I can be more consistent in my posts!

Please note: Nothing I share or say or do on this blog in any way reflects or represents Curtin University. This is a personal website in no way affiliated with Curtin University.