• Divining the problem

    It’s been a while. Like a lot of things – most things, really – it can be a long time between consults with my cards and runes. I’m such a bad weather friend to my divination tools, tending to turn to them only when I’m struggling somehow. And today is no exception. I am, yet again, struggling with my writing, and whether I should accept that it’s never going to happen or continue the fight against pedantic muses and the demoralising voices in my head.

  • Disappointment begets inertia

    Have you ever felt like your tools outright hate you? I don’t mean your electric drill suddenly turning on you, à la Skynet. I’m talking about things being generally uncooperative. You know, the spoon that spills and splashes, the key that refuses to fit in the lock, the gawdamn USB that won’t go in the slot. Or, specifically in today’s case, the divination tools that won’t cooperate. There are certainly days I feel under attack my physics in general, and there are days when it seems metaphysics is out to get me. It’s hard when a tarot deck that has taken a disliking to you keeps turning up cards the divination equivalent of a middle finger. I don’t know why I persist with this deck. Anyone want a slightly used Rider deck?

  • Reading 22-1-9

    This is the first time I’ve added runes to my divination, though I’ve had this set for quite a while. Something else that turned up in the mail weeks after I’d forgotten I ordered them and my interest had waned. Of course, when I did stumble across them again my interest quickly renewed. Which isn’t to say I’ve read the book or done any real research. Unfortunately, trying to embed new information into my brain by memorisation is doomed to fail unless I use that information regularly. If I practiced with runes – and cards for that matter – more often than once every month or three then memorisation would definitely be useful!

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