• Sigil of Protection

    There are a few designs out there for sigils of protection, and I noticed that diamonds and triangles seem to feature prominently. I liked how Laura Tempest Zakroff designed her sigil to defend transfolx, especially the use of the shield shape. Though I’d like to make my sigils as much my own as I can, I really can’t help but find inspiration in Zakroff’s stuff!

  • sigil for health, vitality, and longevity

    Sigil for health, vitality, and longevity – maybe

    Okay, this one I actually like. The problem is that it could as well be a sigil for creativity! As with all the rough drafts so far, it will still need some work before it becomes a tattoo, but I definitely like where it’s going. A nice combination of straight and curved. In this case, just to get me started, I incorporated the bindrune for health (trust me, it’s in there) then again drew on Laura Tempest Zakroff‘s book, Sigil Witchery and some of the sigils she’s shared on her blog in relation to the pandemic. I’m sure some borrowed elements will be obvious, but I think this sigil still feels all mine.

  • Sigil for creativity, inspiration, and motivation

    Of the sigils I’ve done so far, I’m the least satisfied by this one, which is challenging because this is probably the most important to me, personally. I’m not sure what exactly is wrong with it, or why exactly I don’t like it, but it will need some work before I get it inked indelibly on my skin. Maybe it’s too complicated?

  • Sigil for luck, money, abundance, and good fortune

    I’m not entirely satisfied with this, but it’s definitely going in the right direction for what I want from a sigil to manifest good luck, good fortune, abundance, and money. For this one, I wanted to incorporate some other symbols I’ve found that also represent luck, wealth, or fortune. As before, I borrowed from Laura Tempest Zakroff‘s book, Sigil Witchery, but I’m struggling to depict what feels like complex ideas with simple shapes and lines. I will need to come back to this, though. I’ve decided the sweeping, curved upward lines from the tips of the M just don’t feel right. But it’s still a good place to start for this sigil tattoo.

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