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So, what am I actually doing here, I pretend to hear you ask? What’s going on with all the memberships and protected content?

If you caught my earlier entry about my issues with accountability, you’ll probably understand. But I’ll try to summarise here.

I have some large writing projects that I’m anxious (almost desperate!) to accomplish, but due to a combination of ADHD, anxiety, and a whopping dose of perfectionism, I struggle to achieve anything relating to writing without someone else invested in the outcome. I blame it on roleplay (you should read the post if you want to know more about that). Simply, I can no longer write for myself, I need to be writing for others’ to read.

The subscription tiers are my solution to finding reassurance that people are interested and reading, which in turn motivates me to write – a lot.

My solution to my accountability problem is to make it transactional.

Why not Patreon? Well, actually…

Because I’m a control freak. Also, I haven’t discounted the possibility of using Patreon in addition to the website, which will remain the primary publication platform for the foreseeable future.

I have since created a Patreon for my creative writing projects, and although it will mostly reflect what I share here, if anyone would prefer to follow me that way, you now can! Here, on my own site, I can control presentation of content, delivery of content, and my production schedule on my own terms.

Also, no percentage taken from subscriptions – it all goes to me and the maintenance of the site (and whatever beverage I’m consuming to turn into words).

Why not Kindle Vella?

Like Patreon, I haven’t entirely discounted the possibility of using Kindle Vella some time in the future, but for the moment, even if i wanted to, I can’t. Vella is for US readers and writers only right now, and I’m about as far away from the US as a person can be while still sharing a planet. Should it ever become available for me to use, I’ll give it some more serious thought.

But I’m not a great fan of asking readers to buy a currency to use to buy content. I mean, I like the idea when it comes to in-game currency that can be purchased with in-game gold as well as real-world money, thereby providing two avenues of acquisition. But as far as I understand Vella, readers are just buying alternate currency to then buy access to episodes. If I’m correct, that’s not cool.

Here, there’s no middle currency to faff about with.

Additionally, I’ve been hearing some awful things about how Amazon treats independent writers and publishers lately, so I’m not at all encouraged to trust the platform, even when it’s pretty much the only show in town for indy writers.

The Glimmering

This section of the site has its own about page for more in-depth information, but The Glimmering is my primary writing project. It’s one of those ‘epic fantasies’ that spans decades, if not hundreds of years, but with an Abercrombiesque taint of dark cynicism. It’s definitely not a ‘young adult’ fantasy.

Despite it having been simmering on the backburner for decades and there being innumerable false starts in that time, the project is still in its infancy and I’m in need of the accountability I mentioned earlier to really make it happen.

Check the membership outline for what to expect from the various subscription tiers.

The Store

For those who just want to read the episodes of stories when they’re ready to be read, episodes will be available to purchase outright, as will seasons when the episodes have run their course. Each episode can be purchased individually or as a complete season.

Just a note about seasons, once a season is complete it will probably go through an additional round of edits to be formally turned into a novel, which will also be available for purchase through the store – and probably other sites, like Amazon


Bearecraft is actually a different but closely associated site where I will discuss and sell my craft (primarily crochet) projects and patterns. There will be a lot of cross-over between this site and that site, but it’s focus will be on the crafts, for those who want the crafts but not all the blather about writing or wicca or mental health… etc!


You like romance/erotica? Believe it or not, me too! Surprising, perhaps, given I identify as Ace. Specifically Aegosexual, if you’re interested in learning more.

This section is where I’ll be sharing the writing process of my lady porn stories, which will also be released by the episode and season in the store. You can subscribe to read the works in progress and my journal about the writing process, which will also give you free access to the final drafts episodes and season, or you can buy them outright in the store.

My blog

The rest of the site – basically, my blog – will otherwise remain the same, save for the addition of audio (when I get a chance to record and upload it) and the requirement that visitors be registered and logged in to access it or to leave comments. Most people tend to comment where I’ve shared the post, such as Facebook, but I’ve received an awful lot of comments and feedback from the comment form that amount to porn or spam or spam about porn. I certainly don’t mean to make it harder for people to respond, but I definitely mean to make it harder for people to send unsolicited pornspam.

The main site will otherwise remain business as usual, a showcase for my ADHD.

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