About me

I’m Amelia Beare and I’m ADHD AF. The sole purpose of this blog is to collect and collate my various and varied interests for my own sake, but if you share any of these interests then by all means stick around.

I’m a former PhD candidate and sessional academic in the School of Internet Studies, an occasional Master of Writing student, frequent walker of a very large dog, and a lifetime slave to some very spoiled cats.

I like to crochet and knit, but I’m not very good at it – I’m getting better!

I’m vegan but I hate cooking.

Writing is – or would be – my passion if I could just [insert excuse du jour].

I’ve started collecting beautiful indoor plants but I’m not quite sure how to keep them alive.

I’m a baby witch – whatever that means.

I have anxiety in addition to ADHD, or maybe because of it, who knows. This means I have a lot going on and I’m constantly fretting about what I’m not doing at any given time. 

At this juncture, I’m a legal transcriptionist listening to and transcribing some of the worst shit humanity is capable of, but I get to do it from home with a cat in my lap and a dog under my chair.

I watch Forensic Files for fun.

Joe Abercrombie is my idol.

Consummate spuddler.

Amelia Beare

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