Adopt Me!

Latte has been put up for adoption through the Hobart Feline Rescue!

He’s been available for about a week, and I was so hoping I could get up there to visit him and see how he’s doing personally, but it wasn’t to be. We haven’t yet found a compatible time for a visit. :(

I have been assured by Shelley, the lady I’ve dealt with from the beginning, that he’s doing marvellously! His desexing went well – in fact, he’s now so tame he didn’t freak-out with the vet this time! I admit I’m very proud of him for coming so far!

Now, two unwelcome nuggets lighter, he’s waiting for someone with the patience to keep taming him to give him a new furever home. So, if you live in a quiet household and are a calm and patient older person, do consider investing in Latte’s future! (And be sure to continue sending me pictures of his progress!)

I need to again thank everyone for helping me make this possible for him. Without your help, I really don’t know where he would be now, or how I would be coping.

I previously linked to the wrong Facebook page for Hobart Feline Rescue (I was really concerned by how dead and quiet the place was!). If you would like to see any more news from them, please go see their (closed) Facebook group here: Hobart Feline Rescue. I would share the post about Latte, but as a closed group, sharing doesn’t seem possible.

Hopefully, the next time I mention Latte, I’ve either visited him personally and showered him with love, or he’s been adopted into a loving home. Look at that widdle face. Those beautiful eyes! You know you want to adopt him.


  • Katie Writes Stuff


    Thanks for the update – I was just wondering about Latte the other day and it’s so good to see how much progress he’s made.

    • Amelia Beare


      I just wish I could find an opportunity to see him again. I kinda hope he’s still there when I get back from Norway, but mostly I hope he’s got a wonderful new home by then too. :)


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