Audio is – or will become – available to all registered and logged-in members.


Accessibility is important to me. Though there are ways and means to access audio for text, I’d much rather my guests get the full batshit experience that is Amelia.

Additionally, reading what I’ve written is a great way to identify awkward/troublesome sentence structure and become generally better at writing.

Public posts

Posts shared generally in my blog will eventually all have audio tracks to listen to, but will only be available to members in the Soldier tier and above.


Heroes will get to listen to my final audio reading of published episodes. (See caveats below re: likely quality of said reading.)

Audio for Champions

My Champions get access to everything short of my knickers drawer. My writing journal will have audio in much the same way as my public posts, but I will also share test readings of rough drafts, in case anyone wants to listen to me curse at my writing while I correct it. (This may or may not actually be video content.)


I have an accent – apparently.

That accent is prone to morph depending on the media I’ve been consuming at the time. This is not intentional!

I am not a professional narrator.

I am still learning how to use Audacity so quality will… vary?

I don’t have the benefit of a soundproof studio, so audio will occasionally feature commentary from my dog or cats, the dog next door, and this one motorbike that sounds like thunder from hell.

It will take me some time to create and upload audio from earlier entries, be patient but let me know if there’s something in particular you’d like me to prioritise.

Not all posts will get audio. Some purely informational text won’t benefit from my reading it aloud personally.

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