• Helping Myself

    In light of my psychiatrist choosing to not help me with what I most need help with right now (post forthcoming about this at some point, I’m sure), I’ve taken it upon myself to find help some other way. Though I suspect it’s not THAT hard to find Adderall or Ritalin through less-than-proper channels, I’m not trying to get stimulants specifically. The Strattera worked a treat for a while, and if there was another non-stimulant medication available I’d be just as happy to try that, even if means swapping back and forth between the two non-stimulants whenever they start losing their efficacy. But there isn’t another non-stimulant option – that I’m aware of. So, my psychiatrist has left me with a medication that helps in some respects but not where it matters the most for me right now – focus! I’m kinda mad at him, to be honest. It feels wrong that he’d tell me he’s concerned past trauma makes me ineligible for stimulant medication but then offers no advice as to what I should do about said trauma. As an aside, I’m also mad at the whole team for their handling of my assessment. But that’s now what this…

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