On a lark, and having recently bought some ridiculously bulky weight yarn that looked great but was limited in practical application (I thought I had all sized needles and hooks!), I watched a YouTube how-to on ‘arm knitting’.

Casting-on was a bit fiddly, but once I mastered that it was surprisingly easy, though I wouldn’t want to try stocking stitch, or a yarn over.

Also, no bathroom breaks. You’re effectively locked in yarn handcuffs for the duration. However, with a little imagination, it’s not unlike kung fu… just need to try it with some stances… maybe when I forget to use the loo before I start.

Once I got it, the whole thing took about half an hour. Less, if I’d paid attention and finished it before it became the boa constrictor it is. A surprisingly easy and therapeutic waste of time.

My only regret is that I made it at the end of winter and I’ve had almost no opportunity to wear it.


  • Katie

    It looks fantastically warm and cosy and I wouldn’t worry too much about not having a chance to wear it – if your weather is see-sawing the way ours is, you should be bundled up in it by mid-week!

    It’s good to see you back on the interwebs! Literally yesterday, I was wondering what you were up to!

    (P.S. This is Katie-sort-of-Foolery, who is still Wool Geeky and now blogging about riding hispter bikes. So many changes!)

    • Katie

      On a side note, I couldn’t leave a comment via my login – it kept responding with ‘Invalid Security Token’. It worked OK via name/url, though! Obviously…

    • Amelia Beare

      Yay for expanding interests! I saw some friends doing a group photo like your crazy group just this morning and automatically thought it was you. I was sad to realise it wasn’t, because I simultaneously realised it’d been yonks since I saw anything from you too!

      I miss the days of daily LJing and snooping through friends’ comments. :( I hope you’re as awesome as always!

      • Katie

        The decline of LJ makes me sad, too. Facebook isn’t quite the same (plus, I don’t really trust it). I’m still in the crazy group photo game, thankfully!

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