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Divining the problem

It’s been a while. Like a lot of things – most things, really – it can be a long time between consults with my cards and runes. I’m such a bad weather friend to my divination tools, tending to turn to them only when I’m struggling somehow. And today is no exception. I am, yet again, struggling with my writing, and whether I should accept that it’s never going to happen or continue the fight against pedantic muses and the demoralising voices in my head.

My classic tarot kept spitting cards out while I shuffled, and I’ve come to understand that can mean the deck is trying to get a message across. Unfortunately, the cards kept falling to the floor so I couldn’t tell if they were reversed or not. 

First came the Queen of Pentacles, ordinarily a card I’d be happy to see if I’m certain it’s upright. It’s a card that represents my hopes and aspirations while upright and everything I fear when reversed. 

So I shuffled again, looking for clarification, and the deck spat out the Two of Cups. Again, it landed on the floor and I couldn’t know which way it was supposed to be read. And again it’s a card that represents my wants when upright and my anxieties when reversed. Shuffle the third, hoping again for some clarity, and out came the Ace of Cups. Again, not sure which way I need to read it! All these cards represent something similar – in the context of my situation. Abundance, success, security, opulence, passion, concord, affinity, (yes, I’m tossing out words from the booklet), joy, contentment – if upright. All the things I really want in my life and hope to achieve as a result of my writing. But then, reversed: false hearts, instability, falseness, misunderstanding, folly/foolishness, fear, suspicion, mistrust – evil. 

So all I’m getting from the classic deck today is the message that I’m pretty clear on what I want and what I don’t want.

The futhark runes were a little less obtuse.

I don’t think I’ve pulled DAEG before, but it’s definitely a positive sign in my recent past position. Increase and growth, perhaps a new start. 

TIR in the present position is odd, given it’s an indication of extreme motivation and strength of will. Perhaps it’s just reminding me that I lack both right now, and/or that I need to find them. Or perhaps they’re there but I’m too busy feeling maudlin to recognise them?

EHWAZ turns up often, and in the near future position coupled with two positive runes – even inverted – it should be read positively. Another sign of change, but with gradual development and steady progress. 

Perhaps my problem is, as usual, forgetting that writing is a process that takes a long, long time and that no good novel was written in a day. Thanks, EHWAZ.

My Shamanic Healing #oraclecards delivered Psychic Development which, according to the book, is an ‘energy balance’ and discernment card. I’m not resonating much with this one.

Last, but never least, my #thothtarot turned up Death. And I knew as soon as I touched the card what it would be. I really need to put an end to something if I’m going to move on to something new, progress, and grow. (I love this card, as much for the art as for its meaning.)

So, wotcha think?

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