good news / sad news

Today began with a fright. Yesterday and the day before both began with a fright as well.

My neighbours are not good at managing their firewood, because every morning in the wee hours just before daylight, they’re outside my bedroom window (well, over the fence just outside my bedroom window) swinging an axe to split logs for kindling.

It took me until the third day of waking in a fright to realise there wasn’t a maniac trying to hack through my house and murder me in my bed.

Anxiety and the ‘worst case scenario’… y’know what I’m talking about.

And I’m lucky my supervisors are so nice, because I had a lovely chat with one of them today, ostensibly to discuss my thesis progress, but mostly we talked about dogs. I like my thesis supervisors. :D

Whilst I was conferencing with her, my dad and brother turned up to do some more work on the dog run I started building for Buddy. I reached a bit of an issue when it turned out two tall people with ladders were necessary beyond a certain point. As a single short person with only a little orange chair to stand on, I needed to call in the cavalry. When I came out after the conference, they’d already started attaching the roof and had a ute load of wood chips ready to spread across the floor! I hadn’t expected that – at all. My dad and brother are awesome, going above and beyond a call for height and strong arms to essentially finish off most of the work for me.

They’d come to help me yesterday as well, so it wasn’t all done this morning, but it’s pretty close to being finished now! There are some canvas sides to go up as well, but we’ll wait for a less wet and miserable day to try that. It got a bit wet for us this morning. We were all huddled in Buddy’s run to stay dry.

In less wonderful news, however, during my conference call with my supervisor, Buddy’s breeder left me a message to let me know one of the pups in his litter was sick. Consequently, she probably won’t be sending Buddy to me on Sunday, as planned. :( The health of the pups is most important, and I completely understand and support her decision, hoping that it won’t be necessary. But at the same time, I’m heartbroken to have to wait longer for my Buddy. Every day delayed beyond the requisite 8 weeks is a day lost to a strong bonded relationship, and I really, really want that.

But, my old friend Andy came by soon after receiving this news and we had a brief catch-up before going to visit my parents, who are also very good friends with him. Unfortunately that meant I barely got a word in once my folks got their hooks in, so I went back to dwelling on my puppy.

I am now fetching firewood in the rain because the day got a bit out of hand and I never got around to doing that earlier – and I am not going to be as annoying as my neighbours and deal with firewood are Ridiculous O’clock in the morning. DX

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