Every year I’m filled with an urge to participate in NaNoWriMo, yet I’ve only managed to do so a few times, and completed it fewer times than that.

Something about November being a stupid-busy month for me makes it damned hard to sit down and write creatively. November is my ‘Murphy’ Month. If shit is going to happen at all through the year, it’s probably going to happen in November. Though a few other months are starting to compete for the title.

Still, it’s half way through October, and I’m getting that urge again! So much so that, when I logged on to the site and updated my details, I even went so far as to throw together a rough cover image to inspire myself!

Made from stock by Rafael Vasconcelos and Dimitri Elevit. Via DeviantArt.

It’s quick and dirty, and not really a good snapshot of the story I have in mind, and credit where it’s definitely due, I sourced component parts through DeviantArt. Much thanks to Rafael Vasconcelos and Dimitri Elevit for their lovely stock images.

But! Maybe with a cover image – such as it is – I’ll feel that much more beholden to the story that needs to be written. You can buddy me on my newish NaNo account under ‘amyty‘. :)

I’m kinda sad that I lost my original account, circa the second year NaNo existed. I’d be like a grand dragon of the NaNo failures if I could have recovered it!

Please nag me to write this!


  • Katie

    Write it!

    You’re much further ahead than I am in my NaNo preparations. You have a cover and everything! I’m quite inspired right now.

    • Amelia Beare

      I have a story I’ve wanted an excuse to get out for a while, but never felt in any way motivated! My recent discovery of OneNote (yeah, I’m so late to that party) and how I can use it as a WIKI has kick started SO MUCH ORGANISATION OMG!

      Seriously running out of excuses not to write this thing… aside from that perpetually pesky Impostor Syndrome.

  • Stygian

    I’m still deciding on my NaNoWriMo topic. My co-worker said he wanted me to write him as the main character and as a psychopathic killer. Should I be worried?

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