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Oracle Reading 21-7-26

It’s been a while since I spent any time with any of my decks, and the first thing I did when I started shuffling was to apologise for my neglect and to hope that they are well and content. I consider each of my decks as being a spirit of unto themselves, and my Shamanic Healing deck has always been kind and friendly and empathetic.

I’d barely finished my first shuffle when the deck dropped the Transformation card literally into my lap.

I laughed and thanked them. “Yes,” I said. “There has been a lot of transformation in my life of late, and I have changed since my last shuffle.”

Once the shuffle was done, I turned the card and it smiled up at me with the cheerful aura I always sense around this beautiful deck.

Unlimited Possibilities.

Left: Transformation. Right: Unlimited Possibilities.

I hadn’t even asked a question. I didn’t really have a question to ask. I just wanted to reconnect with my deck, but my deck still had something to say.

For all the potential inherent in ‘unlimited possibilities’, good and bad, I felt this was a positive and encouraging reading.

So, wotcha think?

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