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I’m Amelia Beare (obviously) and this is where I hoard all my projects and interests. I’m an anxious creative with ADHD, a potty mouth, and very little time to do any of the things I really want to do. I always have lots of projects either on the boil or simmering on a back burner. This site is all about giving me somewhere to keep track of things as well as share the things. I have a dog, two cats, and a penchant for whisky (neat, tyvm). More about me here…

The original premise of this site was somewhere to blog or journal (sometimes both) what’s going on with me, my life, my interests, my disorders, and, of course, my animal companions. It was called ‘open thoughts’ because I have a habit of oversharing. Now, with everything else coming together, ‘open thoughts’ has become just one part of the site. Most of the posts – if not all of them – are publicly available. Some features like audio and commenting require an account, however – mostly because spammers suck.

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