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Reading 22-1-9

This is the first time I’ve added runes to my divination, though I’ve had this set for quite a while. Something else that turned up in the mail weeks after I’d forgotten I ordered them and my interest had waned. Of course, when I did stumble across them again my interest quickly renewed.

Which isn’t to say I’ve read the book or done any real research. Unfortunately, trying to embed new information into my brain by memorisation is doomed to fail unless I use that information regularly. If I practiced with runes – and cards for that matter – more often than once every month or three then memorisation would definitely be useful!

I mean to make a weekly habit of reading and journaling those readings, so over time and with active use I hope I’ll get the hang of them. It used to feel like cheating having to check the book for everything. I don’t know why, but I just assumed in the beginning that I’d be able to look at the card and just know. I was young. I was conceited. I was very, very wrong.

There’s more to reading cards (and presumable casting runes) than dressing the part. And yeah, the book helps if you’re not a natural intuitive witch. I can only wish I were.

My question for today was in relation to the success (or not) of my current projects. I have a few in the works but I chose to not be specific.

Left to right: EIHWAZ, ING, MANNAZ


Position one, the problem: EIHWAZ

First of all, how do you even pronounce that?

According to the book, this rune can be used for banishing and protection, and its meaning (in the context of my query) is that the target(s) is/are reasonable, but I should be cautious and use both foresight and perseverence to avoid difficulties. Given my ADHD and anxiety are two major difficulties for pretty much every project ever, foresight and perserverence is good advice. Look ahead, identify where I’m going to have problems, and perservere.

Position two, the course: ING

According to the book, this rune can be used for releasing energy and achieving a satisfying end. How… orgasmic. Its meaning (in the context of my query) is a successful conclusion, relief with accomplishment, achieving a milestone, ending the old and starting the new, and good fortune.

Frankly, this all seems awesome!

Position three, the outcome: MANNAZ

According to the book, this rune can be used to gain assistance and increase memory and mental powers. Its meaning (in the context of my query) is to look for interdependence, aid, and cooperation, that now is a good time, and that I should stay humble. My interpretation here is that the help I need (support, encourage, interest from friends, family, strangers, spirits, and aliens if they’re around, may be forthcoming. I really hope so, because none of these projects will happen without that support. In light of the two previous runes I think I can be hopeful.

Left to right: Knight of Wands (Thoth), Eight of Cups (Rider classic), Growth (Shamanic Healing oracle)

I asked each of my main decks for a single card to address the same question, and it was an interesting result that kind of reflects the three runes above.

Thoth: Knight of Wands

This is my favourite deck, hands down, but this seemed an out-of-context draw – until I read the book of course. Like the second rune above, ING, it’s full of energy, generosity, unpredictability, and impetuousness, which definitely got me into the situation I’m in right now. Have ADHD obsessive energy and a direction to go, so gogogogoGO! He’s an all-in, for better or worse, sort of character. If the energy and the direction align, things should work out – according to the book.

Rider Classic: Eight of Cups

This deck seemed to be fighting me this morning. I couldn’t shuffle without it splurting all over the place. And then when it gave me a reversed card I thought shit was about to look bad. But no! Again, like the ING rune above, it means (according to the book) great joy, happiness, and feasting! Another card of good fortune. OR, less positive, stuck in a rut or abandoning projects. I feel that for me, in the context of the query, it’s telling me to leave what’s not working for me and find success in something new.

Shamanic Healing Oracle: Growth (it’s hard to read in the pic, sorry)

I feel that this card reflects the MANNAZ rune above as it, too, encourages connection. The key points I got (from the book, obviously) is that I’m in a time of rapid growth, that the seeds I planted have germinated and that I should go with the flow and grow. Room has been made for new experiences, people, and situations, grow from the old into the new.

Clearly I still have a lot to learn about the tools I’m working with, but this seems a fairly accurate reading of my current project development situation, and suggests potential for success. Now I just have to make that happen.




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