Spiritech is, in truth, a variation on the ‘magitech’ theme, where ‘spirit’ is the source of magic, and spirit can be found in all sorts of places and take many different forms. As a source of energy, it’s still new and untested among humans who’ve only recently discovered its existence in trying to reverse engineer alien technologies found whilst expanding into and exploring the wider galaxy. Though ancient, it’s clearly far in advance of present human capabilities, sparking critical debates as to whether it might yet pose a threat, whether humans should be made aware of its existence, and whether scientists should risk turning it on – if they can figure out how.

The saga incorporates themes from Pacific Rim and Voltron, but written for adult fans of sci-fi/fantasy.
This project is still in the ‘collecting ideas’ phase, but the potential means it’s progressing quickly from the back of my mind to the front.

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