• Accidental Entomophagy

    I’m running again! Though by ‘running’ I mean jogging, and by ‘jogging’ I mean moving faster than a walk. I’m quite confident that we’re getting over the distance in a shorter time than we would if we were walking the whole way, but these little legs were not designed for marathons. We do start off at speed since Buddy is always raring to go when I let him out of the car. My poor knees get quite the wake-up call trying to keep my feet underneath me! It’s in these hair raising moments I learned the hard truth that I can only do two of these three things at once: run hard, breathe, and hold my bladder. Apparently, this isn’t especially uncommon among runners, so I guess pissing yourself trying to not fall arse over tit is some kind of right of passage. It also means I’m going to invest in a few pairs of those period knickers. I’m going to have running undies! I bet there aren’t many sporting brands marketing undercrackers “for those awkward moments on the track”.

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