• Meal Preparation: Breakfast

    This is probably my favourite meal of the day, though it wouldn’t matter if I ate it for breakfast or for dessert. It’s just so tasty and nutritious. I used to prepare it from scratch the evening before so it could soak overnight, but, as with my other meals, I’ve started pre-preparing most of it for the week ahead to better manage my portions. Preparing it while I’m waiting for my evening meal to be ready to serve meant I was hungry at the time and tended to put more into the mix than I really needed. I don’t need a workman’s breakfast for a day of transcribing or writing or editing!

  • Meal Preparation: Snacks

    I never thought I’d be the sort of person who’d write a series of journal entries about food preparation. I rarely react to food posts other people share, so I almost feel hypocritical writing about this. That said, this journal and all these entries are mostly for my own sake. I should write about that weird duality of writing to self for self that is journalling. Anyway, I really love fruit. Fruit is sweet and juicy and flavoursome, and you can create some wicked taste combinations by mixing and matching. Strawberry, kiwi, and rockmelon (cantaloupe) are delicious together. I don’t like canned fruit salad, though. That syrupy crap? Blech! Fresh all the way for me, thanks! Well, as fresh as possible when you buy it from the store. So, here’s my snack box prep.

  • Meal preparation: Lunch

    I wrote recently about what can only be described as my seriously fucked-up relationship with food. There’s not really a lot of point in rehashing what was a pretty difficult entry to write, so I’ll just mention that this – food prep – is part of how I’m managing those issues. Food prep solves my problem of hating – and I mean really hating – to cook/prepare food on a daily basis. I’d rather not eat or order out than face the stove or oven. I kinda miss the days of living on toast because pushing that button down is about as involved as I’ve ever wanted to be in making something to eat. It turns out a diet that consists only of vegemite on toast is not a recipe for a long and healthy life, no matter what the ads say about the wonder that is vegemite. I learned pretty quickly the value of preparing meals a month in advance for my animals, since I also prefer to feed them proper, biologically appropriate food. None of that bagged or tinned shit for my fur-children! Unfortunately, given I prefer most of my meals to be fresh and raw (did you…

  • My fucked-up relationship with food

    Disclaimer + Content Warnings First of all, a lot of what I write below will not reflect well on a lot of people in my life. This is absolutely not my intention! While reflecting on some causes of certain conditions and situations I try to take into account historical context, remembering that it was a very different socio-cultural experience growing up in the late 70s and early 80s to the vastly more socially and psychological aware situation today. My family didn’t set out to fuck me up! Most, if not ALL of my issues were entirely of my own creation based on my interpretation of what was happening at the time. There is literally no one to blame here but me. This is a perfect example of separating personal truth from actual fact.

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