• Lichen this mushroom

    Taken during an excursion sometime in May. I’m running out of pictures to share already – must be time for another photo trip!

    Or I’m going to have to start writing actual entries about my life… which requires getting up and out and getting one!

  • Pretty lil ‘shrooms

    Edited these on my phone, which tends to make pictures look good on a phone, but not so great on a computer.

    One day I’ll run some of my favourite fungi pics through photoshop and hopefully do them the justice some of them deserve, but for now I’m just trying to keep up a blogging habit, and my phone is chock full of potential blog updates that don’t require much effort. :D

  • Mushrooms & Daisies

    Still trying to catch up with all the photographs I have yet to post from earlier this year. A cluster of cuties clinging to a rotting log.


    © Amelia Beare
    © Amelia Beare

    And today, my favourite flowers. Tynwald Park is overrun with them at the moment, and I LOVE IT!  Except the nasty man with the mower went over them this morning and one patch is looking a little rough and sad.


    © Amelia Beare
    © Amelia Beare

    They are such happy little flowers… and they always remind me of Spirit.

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