• Mushrooms & Daisies

    Still trying to catch up with all the photographs I have yet to post from earlier this year. A cluster of cuties clinging to a rotting log.   And today, my favourite flowers. Tynwald Park is overrun with them at the moment, and I LOVE IT! ¬†Except the nasty man with the mower went over them this morning and one patch is looking a little rough and sad.   They are such happy little flowers… and they always remind me of Spirit.

  • Tiny Treasures

    One of the best things about being so short – aside from folding away for easy travel – is being near enough to the ground to spot interesting things other people would step on. I love the little treasures I find on or beside the footpath when I’m out and about.

  • Fagus 2014

    The Fagus (Nothofagus gunnii) or Deciduous Beech, is the only native deciduous tree in Tasmania, and is found at altitude, in hard-to-reach nooks around the state. Every year there is a photography pilgrimage to capture the ‘Turning of the Fagus’, which happens all-too-quickly for some, and at less and less predictable times each year. Thanks Climate Change. :( This year my photographer buddy Ben Short¬†took me along for his pilgrimage – actually it took two treks into the wilds to find it – and I saw my first Fagus in the… frond!

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