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Buddy (the long-overdue and abridged catch-up entry)

The end of May was an anxious time for me. There was awful (read: tragic!) news about the litter from which I was adopting my new puppy, and the potential for an extended delay in receiving my new little bundle of mischief and mayhem. I was anxious for the breeder having to deal with such wretched issues, afraid for my potential puppy, and worried about missing those vital weeks for bonding and socialising.

Ultimately all these anxieties proved unnecessary – as they so often do. Buddy arrived on time, as pre-arranged in the weeks leading up to the last Sunday of May.

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Latte Update

Things are not going well for my poor ol’ stray, Latte.

A few days ago, knowing that a good friend – Hi Ben! – was coming by, I put Latte’s food dish deeper into the cubby I’d made for him out of a cage, and closed the door after him when he went inside. He made no fuss about the situation at all, not even when we hoisted the cage up and carried it to my car, then closed him inside and drove him all the way into Hobart. He was curious, but otherwise unperturbed by the whole affair. He was even incredibly chill about being transferred from the carry crate I’d tucked into the cage for him (somewhere he could hide and feel safe) and into the enclosure at the Hobart Cat Centre.

I thought everything was going so well. He seemed entirely comfortable with everything, aside from a few hisses at new faces – a clue I probably should have caught at the time.
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Latte, the Shy Cat

Lately, my cats have been very taken with what’s going on out in the world beyond their windows. As inside-only cats, they tend to be rather voyeuristic snoops and spies on the neighbourhood goings-on. They probably know more about my neighbours than I do – it’s a good thing they’re not talkers!

One lot of neighbours have a couple of cats, one of which – Lucy – tends to drop by all the time, and make neener-neener faces at Smudge and Biggun (EnormousCat). Smudge tries to make kissy faces back, but Biggun gets bigger and fluffier and wails at me to let him out and deal with her impudence. (As a former alleycat and likely super heavy-weight brawling champion in one of his former lives, it’s probably best I keep him indoors – Lucy is half-a-feather weight and would disappear underneath his enormousness).

But Lucy has recently been joined by a new mystery cat. At first I thought it was Romeo returned from wherever he’s been, but rather than the white fluff with the big black heart on his bum, I’ve discovered a creamy part-tabby with startling blue eyes!
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Happy Smudgeversary!

As I type this, it is one year to the minute (2230) since Spirit alerted me to a fluffy, spitty little treasure in my backyard. I’ve been so tired all day that I actually forgot all about it until about an hour ago, just when I was packing myself up for bed. Unsurprisingly, I was packing myself up for bed at the time that night as well, and had to go out in my slippers and jammies to see why Spirit was making so much noise.

She’d woo-woo’d me all through my shower, and kept woo-woo’ing until I came outside – a little bit cross, if I recall – to have her herd me all the way to the back end of my backyard. There’s a chain fence divider as part of the old dog run the separates my yard from the rear fence, and she kept pushing her nose through the holes. And every time she did, I heard a funny little hissy-spit sound. Eventually I saw the tiniest bundle of black and white fluff hiding in a tuft of grass.
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