• The Terrarium Project

    Ever have one of those days where you wake up with some random crazy idea stuck in your head for no apparent reason?

    It was just such a morning that resulted in a few years of not doing a great job of keeping fish but still enjoying the keeping of fish. In hindsight it really wasn’t a great idea, though I was convinced of it at the time – I must have an aquarium and there must be fish in it!

    Before the day was out, I had a little aquarium with a red betta called Robin and a corydoras called Hoover. My very first but by no means last fish.

    Now, I’ll just play some aquarium video on repeat on the telly to avoid the mess.

    A week and a half ago I sat up in bed with the random crazy idea stuck in my mind that I needed a terrarium. A few hours later I was at the discount store (Reject Shop for my local friends) and, lo, they had terrariums and they were ON SALE!

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