• Reading 22-1-9

    This is the first time I’ve added runes to my divination, though I’ve had this set for quite a while. Something else that turned up in the mail weeks after I’d forgotten I ordered them and my interest had waned. Of course, when I did stumble across them again my interest quickly renewed. Which isn’t to say I’ve read the book or done any real research. Unfortunately, trying to embed new information into my brain by memorisation is doomed to fail unless I use that information regularly. If I practiced with runes – and cards for that matter – more often than once every month or three then memorisation would definitely be useful!

  • Sigil of Protection

    There are a few designs out there for sigils of protection, and I noticed that diamonds and triangles seem to feature prominently. I liked how Laura Tempest Zakroff designed her sigil to defend transfolx, especially the use of the shield shape. Though I’d like to make my sigils as much my own as I can, I really can’t help but find inspiration in Zakroff’s stuff!

  • Tarot Reading 21-7-26

    My Thoth deck has a penchant for sass and cheek and it can take a little longer to tune in to them after a hiatus. I’ve kept them and my oracle deck under my pillow for a couple of weeks before even daring to shuffle, because they tend to have an opinion about my neglect. If ever there were a deck happy to scold a reader, this is that deck!

  • Oracle Reading 21-7-26

    It’s been a while since I spent any time with any of my decks, and the first thing I did when I started shuffling was to apologise for my neglect and to hope that they are well and content. I consider each of my decks as being a spirit of unto themselves, and my Shamanic Healing deck has always been kind and friendly and empathetic. I’d barely finished my first shuffle when the deck dropped the Transformation card literally into my lap.

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