Taking Care of Latte

It's hard to take pictures in this room. It's always dark, but for a dreary light bulb that offers next to no light enough for a decent photograph. Also, Latte seldom holds still enough outside his cage.
It’s hard to take pictures in this room. It’s always dark, but for a dreary light bulb that offers next to no light enough for a decent photograph. Also, Latte seldom holds still enough outside his cage. So busy smooching!

If Latte knew what great people my friends are, he’d want to visit each and every one of you and give you all the smooches he gives me at feeding time.

We’ve reached our outside target of $200! And, we’ve surpassed it. Now at 250$A.

Those of you who have sent money via PayPal – thank you so much! – I am waiting for confirmation from Hobart Feline Rescue before I accept funds into my account, to then be withdrawn and delivered to them in whatever form they prefer. If this doesn’t work out, I promise you I’ll have PayPal return it as soon as I know for sure.

Those of you who sent money to me directly – I love you too! – as above, I’ll be sure to return it to you as soon as possible if our Plan B falls through.

Given there is currently no Plan C, I do hope this scheme works out.

If people would still like to donate toward Latte, I’m going to use funds raised over our target to buy food and litter and maybe some blankets or toys to donate to Hobart Feline Rescue. I’ll get in touch with them to find out what they need and see if I can help them acquire it.

To update you on how he’s doing: He’s doing GREAT! 

His fur feels softer every day. The wound is healing well, I think. I’m no vet but the scab is a beauty, and he seems in all ways so much fitter and healthier than when he first arrived. He smooches and rubs like crazy, leaving me in no doubt that he considers me his human. I worry a little about how he’ll react when he doesn’t have me any more, but I suspect any human who regularly delivers him fishy dinners will be favoured with all this rubbing and smooching. He’s less scrawny and finally starting to gain some weight, which is more excellent news. I don’t like seeing kitty hip bones. :(

In the TMI department, his ‘movements’ are regular and don’t seem to be causing him any distress. If anyone is distressed by his movements it’s the human who has to clean up after them, but it’s good to know he’s healthy in that area. (Pew!)

Right now, he’s in his cage chatting with me while I work. He likes to talk and talk and talk, and we meow at each other all day long. I’ve no idea what we’re talking about, but he seems to like the exchange. I suspect he’s lonely, and probably bored out of his noggin’ in his cage for so long. I let him out when I come in to feed him and clean up his cage, so he does get to roam around a little, but I keep a close eye on him and distract him with treats to bring him back – very food oriented young man!

As my spare room, there are boxes of books, old computer equipment, furniture, clothes… all the sort of stuff you’d put in a spare room when you can’t keep it anywhere else, and don’t want your own cats sleeping on it, chewing on it, pooping in it… etc.

Sad as I’ll be when he’s gone, I actually can’t wait for him to go and have a much, much better situation with people who have infinitely better resources.

So, if you’d still like to donate to help Latte (you’re awesome to even think about it btw), please PayPal your donation to Admin at Amyty dot com.

Or, if you’d like to put your spare pennies toward another cause, please, please, please consider donating to help a woman who lost everything, including many native animals and several of the orphaned roos she’s been caring for: Mummaroo.

Bushfires are devastating Australia again, and for every human habitation scorched by the flames, acres and acres of bushland, including animals and their homes, are also lost. Those who do survive, need all the help we can give, and more.


  • Katie Writes Stuff


    It’s amazing that people have donated that much for Latte. I hope it helps him find his way to a human of his very own.

    • Amelia Beare


      So hoping the same! I just need to hear back from the Rescue people to know when he can go to them. I’m anxious because I haven’t heard back for a while.

      But trying to stay positive! Thank you so much for your support through this. Latte is doing so well because I haven’t felt so alone taking care of him. <3

  • Heather


    I’m thrilled that you met your goal. Hopefully the folks at HFR have room for him soon!

    • Amelia Beare


      I wish they’d get back to me! Feeling anxious from their lack of communication. :(

      But I’m thrilled to have such good friends to help me take care of him. <3 It would have been that much harder and more daunting without friends being so encouraging and supportive. Thank you!


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