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Tarot Reading 21-7-26

My Thoth deck has a penchant for sass and cheek and it can take a little longer to tune in to them after a hiatus. I’ve kept them and my oracle deck under my pillow for a couple of weeks before even daring to shuffle, because they tend to have an opinion about my neglect.

If ever there were a deck happy to scold a reader, this is that deck!

I intended to start with just a single card reading, but just as I experienced with the oracle reading only minutes before, a particular card dropped out, again, literally into my lap. Change.

Left: Change. Middle: Success. Right: The Hermit.

It seems my two decks have been sharing a pillow and talking about me in my sleep!

Change and transformation have been the trend du jour of my life at the moment.

The next two cards turned over were full of positivity in my interpretation. Success is rarely a bad card to turn up, and when I have ‘unlimited possibilities’ still echoing in my mind after my oracle reading a short time earlier, this cast a ray of sunshine on my day.

I have so many ideas brewing at the moment, stewing, as it were, in a positive mindset already. I interpret this card as telling me to keep that positivity bubbling away and there is great potential for success.

As for The Hermit… well, being left alone to create is every artist and writer’s dream. But I also consider this card a reminder that I need to create from myself and for myself.

I struggle with my writing when it comes to not having someone immediately available to read and respond. I blame decades of roleplay for that roadblock. But the deck is, as always, correct; it has to come from me and be for me to really be my work.

My love for and connection with this deck is deep and strong.

So, wotcha think?

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