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Tarot Reading – 21-8-3

Perhaps it’s just me, but I’ve often found that turning over cards in a spread often results in a nonsense reading. I have much greater success when the deck literally spits them out at me while I shuffle. I know they’re trying to send me a message or get my attention when it happens.

Left: Art. Right: Death

This morning Art, a card I haven’t seen in a while, jumped out and landed in my lap. Death was a little more subtle in revealing itself but it was obvious it wanted my attention. And it’s an especially poignant reading for my life right now! I’m busy crafting a new life full of creative and inspiring endeavours, changing myself for the better and enjoying ‘arts’ as a dominant feature in my future. And Death is my transition from that old, staid, stale, and gormless life I’ve led for so long due to anxiety and depression into something new. I’m turning my back on the old, sweeping away the dust of that life, and literally crafting my future.

Well, that’s how I interpret it. Thoth is a challenging deck!

So, wotcha think?

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