• Meal preparation: Lunch

    I wrote recently about what can only be described as my seriously fucked-up relationship with food. There’s not really a lot of point in rehashing what was a pretty difficult entry to write, so I’ll just mention that this – food prep – is part of how I’m managing those issues. Food prep solves my problem of hating – and I mean really hating – to cook/prepare food on a daily basis. I’d rather not eat or order out than face the stove or oven. I kinda miss the days of living on toast because pushing that button down is about as involved as I’ve ever wanted to be in…

  • My fucked-up relationship with food

    Disclaimer + Content Warnings First of all, a lot of what I write below will not reflect well on a lot of people in my life. This is absolutely not my intention! While reflecting on some causes of certain conditions and situations I try to take into account historical context, remembering that it was a very different socio-cultural experience growing up in the late 70s and early 80s to the vastly more socially and psychological aware situation today. My family didn’t set out to fuck me up! Most, if not ALL of my issues were entirely of my own creation based on my interpretation of what was happening at the…

  • Cancer

    Unless you’re born between the 22nd of June and the 22nd of July, ‘cancer’ can be a pretty scary word! So many millions of people die of cancer, or cancer-related illnesses all the time, and we’re all well aware that it’s out there and people have it. I’d be surprised if anyone doesn’t at least know of someone who has or had cancer. My own grandfather died of cancer-related issues a little over a year ago. Even my cat, my most beloved little buddy Monster, died of cancer, so it’s not at all relegated to the humans in our lives. Late last year I realised a curious little growth between…

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